New CEHG blog editor and call for blog submissions!

Hello everyone,

It is my honor and privilege to edit and moderate the CEHG blog. As editor, I will continue to approach the blog as an invaluable opportunity to encourage interactions between CEHG member labs on Stanford campus and to showcase the science that is done in CEHG to others in the CEHG community and to the world outside of CEHG and Stanford University.

I am currently (and perpetually) looking for some volunteers to write posts for the CEHG blog ( I would like to extend an invitation to those of you who would like to write in a similar style as the previous posts, summarizing and responding to some of the recently published CEHG articles listed at the end of this letter. If you want someone to write about your own article that’s coming out soon, pleased let me know and I will add your upcoming publication to the list. CEHG-authored reviews of non-CEHG authored books/articles are also welcome.

I would also like to invite contributions from past and present CEHG community members that might not be written in a similar style as previous posts, but that still serve to deepen interactions among CEHG member labs on the Stanford campus and showcase relevant research in the areas of computational, evolutionary, or human genomics. I hope you will let your imagination run wild in considering the possible formats (formal and informal) in which future posts might appear. Possibilities include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • CEHG-authored responses to current events in genetics-related news
  • CEHG-authored responses to scientific conferences attended
  • CEHG-produced creative projects, including photography, artwork, creative writing, comic strips, videos, music, a regular column, etc.

If you are interested in communicating science to the growing CEHG community and the public, let me know!

Thank you very much and I look forward to speaking with you,

Katie M. Kanagawa
Administrative Associate, Bustamante Lab
Communications Coordinator, CEHG
Littlefield 315, Third Floor


Potential papers (from last ~3 months)

“Parente2: a fast and accurate method for detecting identity by descent” (Batzoglou lab).

“A systematic assessment of linking gene expression with genetic variants for prioritizing candidate targets” (Butte lab).

“Translating personalized medicine using new genetic technologies in clinical practice: the ethical issues” (Butte lab)

“Echoes of the past: hereditarianism and a troublesome inheritance” (Marcus Feldman)

“Stability depends on positive autoregulation in Boolean gene regulatory networks” (Feldman lab)

“Molecular diagnosis of bird-mediated pest consumption in tropical farmland” (Hadly lab)

“SWAMP: Sliding Window Alignment Masker for PAML” (Montgomery Lab)

“PATH-SCAN: A reporting tool for identifying clinically actionable variants” (Montgomery Lab)

“Dissecting the clonal origins of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia by single-cell genomics” (Quake lab)

“Taxonomic and functional diversity provides insight into microbial pathways and stress responses in the Saline Qinghai Lake, China” (Quake lab)

“Autosomal admixture levels are informative about sex bias in admixed populations” (Rosenberg lab)

“Learning regulatory programs by threshold SVD regression” (Wong lab)


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