Tweeting about #CEHG16

The Fourth Annual CEHG Symposium was held in Stanford University’s Paul Brest Hall on February 29-March 1. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet old and new friends and talk about computational, evolutionary, and human genomics! And with 35 brilliant speakers, including keynote Christine Kenneally, and more than 260 registered attendees, CEHG16 was a huge success! Did you miss the event or are you just curious about what everyone was talking about? Click on the feed link below to catch up!

Read the curated twitter feed

Want to read more materials about our symposium? Check out our keynote interview with our award-winning journalist and author and look at our “Best of” photo album on Flickr. An event report will be published shortly on our blog home page.

Want to learn more about CEHG?  Visit our website or follow us on Facebook and @StanfordCEHG.


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